Family planning is a journey that goes beyond the physical aspects of preparing for parenthood and delves into the psychological intricacies of this major life transition. It is a time of change that can bring up a variety of emotions and questions about the future. As a psychologist in Dubai with experience in family dynamics and parenting preparation, I offer supportive and insightful counselling to those taking this profound journey. If you are starting or expanding a family in Dubai or elsewhere, I will help you navigate the complex emotional landscape of becoming a parent and ensure you feel empowered, informed and ready for the joys and challenges that lie ahead. Together we will explore and prepare for the changes, responsibilities and benefits that come with starting your family.

The path to parenthood is often associated with expectations, hopes and uncertainties. It is important to address not only the practical aspects of family planning, but also the emotional and relational changes that come with this important life decision. My approach is to encourage open communication between partners, address fears and anxieties about parenthood and build a strong emotional foundation for your growing family. We will discuss topics such as relationship dynamics, work-life balance and emotional well-being to ensure that you and your partner feel equipped to face the challenges of parenthood. In addition, we will discuss strategies for maintaining a healthy partnership and individual identity amidst the demands of parenthood. This comprehensive preparation aims to strengthen your relationship and provide you with tools for effective co-parenting to create the conditions for a harmonious and nurturing family environment.

If you are seeking help and a compassionate ear, please don’t hesitate to contact me, Zita Chriszto, for professional support and guidance on your journey to wellbeing.

Key Considerations in Family Planning

I am Zita Chriszto, a DHA licensed clinical psychologist based in Dubai. My professional approach is deeply rooted in providing compassionate, evidence-based care tailored to each individual’s needs.

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