Systemic therapies, which include both family and couples therapy, offer a holistic approach to treatment that looks at the individual in complicated relationships. This view assumes that the problems individuals face are often closely intertwined with the dynamics of their family or romantic relationships. By focusing on these relationships, systemic therapies seek to uncover and address the patterns of interaction that contribute to the problem and aim to have a transformative effect on the whole system.

In practice, these therapies work by bringing family members or couples together in a therapeutic setting to explore and understand their interactions, communication styles and the unspoken rules that govern their relationships. The therapist acts as a facilitator and guides the conversations aimed at recognizing and changing dysfunctional patterns, improving mutual understanding and promoting healthier, more supportive relationships.

Systemic therapies are based on the belief that changes in the way family members or partners interact with each other can lead to significant improvements in individual well-being and relationship health. These approaches are particularly effective in treating issues such as marital conflict, parenting problems, adolescent behavioral problems and the effects of mental illness in the context of the family.

For people in Dubai who want to improve their family dynamics or romantic relationships, Zita Chriszto offers professional systemic therapy services. This form of therapy offers a unique opportunity to strengthen bonds, improve communication and resolve conflicts in a constructive and sustainable way.

Key Elements of Systemic Therapies

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