Dance and movement therapy in Dubai offers a holistic approach to well-being that utilizes the transformative power of dance and movement to promote emotional, social, cognitive and physical integration. This therapeutic practice is particularly beneficial for those who find it difficult to communicate their feelings and experiences verbally. By offering an alternative, expressive medium, dance and movement therapy allows both adults and children to explore and articulate their inner thoughts and feelings in a non-verbal, yet deeply meaningful way.

Central to the philosophy of Dance and Movement Therapy is the recognition of the body-mind connection. Through guided movement and dance, individuals are able to express themselves, uncover hidden emotions, and address unresolved issues, facilitating a process of healing and growth. This form of therapy is inclusive and adaptive, catering to a wide range of participants, from those with specific physical or mental health challenges to individuals seeking a deeper connection with themselves.

Dance and movement therapy invites you to embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing through the universal language of movement. This approach aims not only to alleviate psychological and physical discomfort, but also to enrich the quality of life and promote a sense of balance, creativity and joy.

If you are looking for an alternative way to express and understand your feelings, or if you would like to integrate a holistic practice into your journey to wellbeing, consider exploring the transformative potential of dance and movement therapy. For guidance and support along the way, please feel free to contact me, Zita Chriszto.

Key Principles of Movement or Dance Therapy

I am Zita Chriszto, a DHA licensed clinical psychologist based in Dubai. My professional approach is deeply rooted in providing compassionate, evidence-based care tailored to each individual’s needs.

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