Grief and loss bring waves of emotional distress that can overwhelm even the strongest of people, especially after significant life events such as bereavement or a major transition. At the heart of these moments lies a journey that is deeply personal and unique. As a psychologist in Dubai with experience navigating the turbulent seas of grief, I offer a compassionate and understanding hand to those who have found themselves lost in the depths of grief. Whether you are struggling with the pain of loss in Dubai or beyond, I am here to support you and provide a safe space to grieve, reflect and gradually gain a foothold on the path to healing. Remember that you are not alone in the midst of your grief. Together we can find ways to honour your loss and gently guide you towards peace and hope.

The experience of grief is as individual as the person going through it. It is characterised by a spectrum of feelings that can range from deep sadness to confusion, anger and even guilt. Recognizing and respecting these feelings is crucial to the healing process. My approach to grief counseling is integrated and empathetic. It not only includes emotional support, but also helps you deal with the practical and existential issues that often arise at times of loss. Using a variety of therapeutic techniques, including narrative therapy and mindfulness practices, we will work together to process your grief, honour your memories and gradually regain a sense of purpose and meaning. The goal is not to “move on” from the loss – too simple an idea for such a profound experience – but to move forward with the loss and integrate it into your life in a way that allows you to heal and grow.

If you are seeking help and a compassionate ear, please don’t hesitate to contact me, Zita Chriszto, for professional support and guidance on your journey to wellbeing.

Common Signs associated with Grief and Loss

I am Zita Chriszto, a DHA licensed clinical psychologist based in Dubai. My professional approach is deeply rooted in providing compassionate, evidence-based care tailored to each individual’s needs.

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